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Vemma Platinum Club Member: Matt Morrow

Every time I walk in to my garage and look at those two BMW’s we have qualified for I crack a smile. Not one, but TWO cars my daughter and I have earned in Vemma. All I can say is it is wonderful!

Vemma Platinum Club Members: Glen & Becki Polcyn

We have been in an industry of incentives for 30 years and have never received an incentive bonus even close to the Platinum Club program. Thank you BK! Our new 335i hardtop convertible resulted in an enrollment of a Brand Partner on the first day and has created an increased level of interest in "Whatever it is that we are doing" by many others. Our car "Eva" is our first convertible and what a blast she is to drive! Anyone can have one of these and as Bob Proctor says, “It’s a choice and a decision.� Our goal, in Sedona, is to have a minimum of five Brand Partners driving a Vemma BMW by the end of 2012. There should be Platinum Vemma BMWs lined up in front of Caesars Palace at the Vemma Believe Convention March 1-4, 2012.

Vemma Platinum Club Members: Rich & Karen Rowe

Rich had been a consultant for over 30 years and was tired of being "on the road" 180 days a year. We had many dreams of travel and free time but did not have the resources to change our lives until Vemma came into the picture. We now have the financial freedom through residual income to live our dreams.* Our passion now is to rescue other ordinary people by teaching them how to make extraordinary differences in their lives financially, physically and emotionally.

Vemma Platinum Club Members: Carol Anne & Ronnie Felts

When we started taking Vemma just over three years ago just for the health benefits, we never dreamed that we would be making a six figure income sharing the product. And at 62 years young we never thought we would be driving a BMW convertible — paid for by Vemma! Thank you BK for helping us feel younger and now act younger touring around the beach in our new BMW. And we must add — everywhere we go, people see us in the car and most ask what Vemma is. What a great opportunity to start a conversation about the product and opportunity.

Vemma Platinum Club Members: Bill & Tamara Austin

Bill and I were introduced to Vemma six years ago. Within three short days of trying Vemma, we could feel this powerful product working. We have more energy and feel better.* We shared Vemma with friends and family and testimonies came in. We made the commitment to spend 2-5 hours a week telling others about the product and opportunity. Our initial goal was to make an extra $500 a month; we reached our goal in three months!* Our next goal was to match my flight attendant income so I could spend more time working from home. We reached this goal in two years!* It’s crazy to think how talking to a few friends can lead to over 4,000 people! We received our new Platinum Club BMW; how great is it to drive a beautiful, brand new, convertible? Pretty darn great!

Vemma Platinum Club Member: Charles Eller

After driving a 2005 Honda Civic with 253,000 miles, it was nice to get a brand new BMW 335d that’s fully loaded. It’s especially nice that Vemma is paying for it because I had made my mind up that I was never paying for a new car again. When I joined Vemma almost 3 years ago, driving a BMW was something that I never would have dreamed of but it sure is nice to have and has already become an attraction tool.

In the 2 weeks since I’ve had the car, I’ve had several existing Brand Partners upgrade to the Silver or Gold Builder Packs to qualify, and more importantly we’ve seen an increase in the initial orders of Silver or Gold Builder packs when we do Home Events — all because prospects see my BMW when I show up. People associate the car with success and want to know how they can qualify.

I think this is a great incentive program because people can visualize themselves attaining the pin rank of Platinum in a short period of time, and it’s also a great incentive for people to build BOTH sides of their business which positions them to make the most out of the Vemma compensation plan.

*Results not typical. You may not do as well.


Vemma白金俱樂部會員:馬特 – 莫羅


Vemma白金俱樂部會員:格倫 Becki Polcyn

我們已經在30年的激勵行業,從來沒有收到獎勵花紅,甚至接近白金俱樂部計劃。謝謝您BK!我們的新335i的硬頂敞篷車,在一個品牌的合作夥伴入學的第一 天,創造了“不管是什麼,我們正在做許多其他的利益水平的提高。“EVA”我們的車是我們的第一個兌換,爆炸,她是開車!任何人都可以擁有其中之一,正如鮑勃普羅克特說,“€œItâ一個選擇和一個 decision.â€塞多納,是我們的目標,到2012年底至少五個品牌駕駛Vemma寶馬的合作夥伴。應該有白金Vemma排列在凱撒宮前的Vemma寶馬相信公約“,2012年3月1-4。


豐富的已超過30年的顧問和累“的道路上”一年180天。我們有旅行和空閒時間很多夢想,但沒有足夠的資源來改變我們的生活,直到Vemma到圖片。我們現在已經通過 剩餘收益的財務自由的生活我們的夢想 .*現在我們的激情是營救被其他普通的人,教他們如何使財政非凡的差異,在他們的生活,身體和精神。


當我們開始只是對健康的益處 Vemma剛剛超過三年前,我們做夢也沒想到,我們將可以獲得六位數的收入,共享的產品。62歲的青年,我們從來沒有想過我們會駕駛一輛寶馬敞篷車 – 支付Vemma為!謝謝幫助我們覺得年輕和現在的行為圍繞在我們的新寶馬海灘年輕的巡迴 BK。我們必須添加 – 我們到處走,在車上的人看到我們,最要求Vemma是什麼。真是一個偉大的機會,開始有關的產品和機會的對話。


條例草案“及”我是六年前引進到Vemma。試圖Vemma短天之內,我們可以感受到這個強大的產品工作。我們有更多的精力和感覺更好.*我們共享與朋友和 家人的證詞Vemma進來,我們所作的承諾有關的產品和機會告訴別人一個星期花2-5小時。我們最初的目標是,使額外的每月500元!我們在三個月內達到我們的目標,我們的下一個目標是我的乘務員收入相匹配,所以我可以花更多的時間在家工作。我們在兩年內達到這個目標!*思考如何說話了幾個朋友,可以導致超過4000人的瘋狂!我們收到了我們的新白金俱樂部寶馬;它來驅動一個美麗的,全新的,可兌換是多麼偉大 ?相當不錯的偉大!









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